10 Must Try Cafes/Restaurants in Kasol

sanjha chulha resort restaurant kasol

Kasol: Amsterdam of India (Stoner’s Paradise & a Foodie’s Destination)

The “Grass” is always greener on the other side. Well, welcome to the other side!

Kasol is a place meant for people who would like to patiently observe things and break free from their complicated city lives for a couple of days. It is a perfect do-nothing vacation idea.

Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh, situated on the banks of the Parvati River. It lies on the way between Bhuntar to Manikaran.

It’s very commercialized and populated over the weekends.  The weather too could be a bit disappointing, and kind of similar to that of Delhi. But it’s the fancy restaurants, cafes and liquor shops opening till late night that makes Kasol a Magical Valley.

If this doesn’t seem to be your kind of vacation and would prefer to be somewhere more beautiful and magical and quieter, you should only stop at Kasol for food and start your trek to Kheerganga.

P.S. Everyone is super relaxed in Kasol, so the service would be slow and you might have to wait for the food a bit longer than you would expect. Your meal for two would be within Rs. 500-600, plus Free Wi-Fi!!!

10 Best Cafes in Kasol:

1. Jim Morrison Cafe
A pure vegetarian place, that doesn’t disappoint the non-vegetarians too.
They play classic rock music. And serve really good shakes.

Jim Morrison Cafe Kasol Parvati Valley

2. Bhoj Restaurant
Try their Israeli Platter and the Tuna sandwich!

bhoj cafe restaurant kasol Himachal Pradesh

3. Evergreen Restaurant
Pancakes &  Omelettes.
Chicken shipudim (skewers) served with chips and hummus.

Israeli specials. Pizzas. Lasagnas. 


4. Little Italy
Trout served with salad and fries. Their Israeli dishes are also quite famous.

5. Stone Garden Cafe
Live Music. Cafe provides you with colors and instruments to unleash the artist in you!


6. Moon Dance Cafe – German Bakery
Try all their Baked goods, if you can!
Amazing breakfast in their courtyard.

Moon Dance Cafe German Bakery Kasol

7. Shambhu’s Momo Corner
Well stuffed steamed/fried momos served with peanut chutney!

Shambhus momo corner kasol Himachal

8. Mama Cafe
Good music. Space to play pool.
Try pizza, chilli cheese toast.


9. XXL Cafe
Run by a German guy. This is the perfect place to try the Trout (fresh water fish from Parvati River)

10. Sanjha Chulha
The most expensive of all the restaurants/cafe’s mentioned above. But definitely worth it!
Definitely try their local himachali dishes and beetroot halwa!

sanjha chulha resort restaurant kasol

So, next time you are in Kasol or even crossing Kasol, stop by and try one or all of these cafes, whatever your appetite allows 😉
Bon Appetit!